About Marriage Emporium



MarriageEmporium.com is a global market place constituted for people looking to get married. It was envisioned as an arc that aims to provide refuge for people seeking to enter the institution of marriage. The tools offered in Marriage Emporium ™ allow individuals to define the type of marriage they want to have and then go on to experience a successful marriage. The Marriage Emporium ™ is a symbol that represents an online virtual community where people who are ready to get married come together to meet and marry the Man or Woman of their Dreams whereever in the world they may live. By this token, Marriage Emporium ™ seeks to redefine the traditional way in which we experience marriage by introducing the opportunity for individuals to determine the type of marriage they want before they ever decide to go on a date.



Marriage Emporium ™ permits users to create a marriage profile which instinctively becomes their marriage contract because it describes every aspect of the type of marriage they seek. This contract doesn't just determine the type of marriage they are looking for, but it also specifies kind of person(s) they want to be married to. The underlying matching software algorithm used by Marriage Emporium ™ brings together groups of similar profiles as ranked contracts. These contracts protect anyone they are created for from any surprises that may appear in the future of their marriage relationship. It also guarantees that only those who either have the same needs in marriage or are looking for the same things out of life are matched as possible marriage partners. MarriageEmporium.com provides enhanced search tools that promote marriage success. These tools include a marriage contract, counseling support, marriage readiness tests and assessments and periodic reports. Other services provided include Background Checks and Compatibility Reports. Subscribed customers may search for potential marriage partners by filtering on such attributes as Religion, Age, Education, Country of Residence, Ethnicity, Race, Gender, Occupation, Income, Personality, Financial Net Worth, Accomplishments, Compatilibity, Hobby, ..etc. Other attributes are provided that further describe the type of marriage a user is looking for like the number of children desired and their names, responsibility of household choirs, who will work, how the kids will be raised, and even the type of leisure and sexual activities preferred. At Marriage Emporium, we believe that for those who choose to Marry, Nothing may be more important than finding the right spouse. At Marriage Emporium ™, we don't just help our users find what they are looking for in a spouse and in their marriage, we also place emphasis on the benefits of a well planned life.


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